Menus and Nutrition

Our menus are laboriously crafted to meet strict nutritional guidelines and, of course, to be tasty! You can view allergen and nutrition information by selecting your child’s school from the menu dropdown. Please refer to our Special Meal Accommodations tab to learn more about how to work with School Nutrition to address special diet needs.

Breakfast service is available at all locations. Please check your individual school for service times; breakfast is generally served 15-30 minutes before the bell.

For specific questions regarding the menu, nutritionals or allergen information, please contact Leigh Anne Critzer, MS RD at


Offer Versus Serve-Components of a Complete Meal

A lunch is made up of 5 basic food components: milk, meat or meat alternate, vegetable, fruit, and grain. Students must select at least 3 of these components for a complete meal (1 of which must be a vegetable or fruit). A breakfast is made up of 4 food items: milk, fruit/vegetable, 2 grains (or 1 grain and 1 meat/meat alternate). Students must select 3 of these items for a complete meal (1 of which must be a vegetable or fruit).


Field Trip and Field Day Menus

Please contact the SNS office for the field trip/day form and menu information. A form must be printed, filled out completely, and submitted into your school kitchen no later than 2 WEEKS prior to the field trip or field day.

On the day of the field trip or field day, sack lunches must be picked up from the kitchen. Please coordinate with your kitchen staff to assure they are available at the time of pickup. If students are eating in the cafeteria for field day, please notify the manager.


Á La Carte

School Nutrition Services operates as a non-profit by balancing the budget through meal sales, á la carte sales, and State/Federal reimbursement; the program does not rely on the General Fund for support. Because á la carte items are not part of a USDA reimbursable meal, all these purchases must be paid in full at the time of sale either in cash or using funds on the student’s account.


What exactly is á la carte?

An á la carte item is any item sold that is not part of a first, complete meal (see “Offer Versus Serve” above the menus for the components that make a complete meal). All of the following items sold separately, as individual items, are considered á la carte:

  • Milk or Juice sold separately (a complete lunch includes a milk and/or juice, any additional milks or juices are extra)
  • A second serving of the main entrée, also called second entrée or super (for example a second slice of pizza)
  • An entrée sold by itself (entrée only) without the rest of the components that make a meal
  • An additional piece of fruit or vegetable serving, taken AFTER a complete lunch or by itself

To give students more options, we also offer a variety of snacks and drinks for purchase. All of our á la carte snacks and drinks comply with USDA Smart Snack Regulations.


Submit a Recipe

Have a favorite recipe that you would like to see offered for school lunch? Is there a special recipe from your culture that you would like to share with School Nutrition? Now is your chance to submit a recipe! Recipes will be reviewed for affordability, acceptability, and production.

Email your recipe, your name and contact information.


Facility Use

To ensure the safety of children, school kitchens are held to very stringent health and safety standards by the Loudoun County Department of Health. Just like any restaurant, the School Nutrition Department is required to pay for inspections of every kitchen twice per year, and the Health Department may drop in to inspect a kitchen at any time. If a kitchen is used for an extra-curricular activity after school or in the evening, the kitchen MUST be sanitized and cleaned using authorized cleaning products and procedures prior to its next use for preparing and serving student meals.

To ensure school kitchens meet these rigorous safety standards, use of school kitchens by anyone outside of the Division of School Nutrition Services, requires approval by the Director of School Nutrition. The procedure below must be followed to ensure food safety and Health Code compliance. (Please note: this procedure has not changed, but is being provided in writing to ensure everyone has the information needed before requesting use of a kitchen.)

Procedure to request use of a school kitchen

  • Facility Use Forms should be submitted to the school district building for approval. 
  • The coordinator will contact the School Nutrition office to arrange for Food Services staff coverage.
  • A School Nutrition staff member will be assigned to be on-site during every event to oversee the kitchen operation and ensure food safety and proper equipment operation.
  • The group or individual reserving the kitchen will be charged an hourly rate for labor.

*For the reasons listed above, authorized personnel who may access the kitchens without going through this process are current food services employees (and any helpers who work under their direction during the school day), daycare staff assigned to snack duty, custodians for cleaning purposes, authorized inspectors and contractors, and maintenance and service personnel on work order assignments.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (540) 751-2690.


Kitchen Tours

We are pleased to offer kitchen tours in our kitchens. This is a great opportunity for students to learn more about food preparation, culinary skills and get hands-on experience in their very own school kitchen. If you are interested in scheduling a kitchen tour, please contact us


Nutrition Services Presentation

Does your school's staff, students or a parent group have questions about the meals served in Loudoun County Public Schools? Would you like an overview of the district new nutrition policies? Other ideas are welcome. Nutrition Services staff members are available to give a half-hour presentation and answer any questions you may have.

Please contact SNS office at (540) 751-2690 or email us for more information or to schedule a presentation.