Special Dietary Accommodations


Can Halal products be added to the menu?

The Loudoun County School Nutrition Services enterprise fund is separate from the school district’s general operating fund and maintains a balanced budget by closely monitoring monthly revenue and expenditures. 

To determine the affordability of the addition of halal products to our menu, we have contacted our grocer for pricing on halal meat items similar to those we currently menu. In all comparisons, on average, halal products were twice as expensive per serving as the non-halal items. Because of our need to balance our budget without the assistance of the general fund, we believe the addition of halal products to our menu at this time is price prohibitive.

Because we understand we have customers who wish to see us menu halal products, we will continue to monitor the per serving cost and plan to menu these items if and when the per serving price becomes affordable.

Fortunately for our LCPS customers who prefer meatless cuisine, both our breakfast and lunch menus boast daily vegetarian offerings. 


How do menu changes impact students who may have a health condition that requires close monitoring of food intake?

If a menu change does occur, the School Nutrition Manager informs the School Nurse and the Secretary of the change. School staff are responsible for monitoring the restricted food item for the students at the Point of Service (computer) via an alert notice that pops up any time the student has a Special Dietary Needs form on file. In this case, the School Nutrition Manager will be ready with an alternate food item. Please visit our special meal accommodation tab on our website for more information. 


How are students with allergies accommodated through school nutrition?

School nutrition accommodates all students that have a completed Special Dietary Needs form on file by substituting food items for any documented food allergies and/or food intolerances. Texture modification is also accommodated, but this requires a Physican’s signature. Please visit the food allergy section of our website for additional information. 


I am a school nurse and it is difficult to count carbs when the menu changes. What can be done to make this an easier process?

Any time there is a menu change the School Nutrition Manager should inform their School Nutrition Supervisor and School Nurse in advance. In doing so, the carb count can be calculated before the start of the meal service period. If this is not occurring at your school, please contact School Nutrition 540.751.2690 and ask to speak to Elizabeth Mills, MS, RDN, SNS. A supervisor will follow up with the School Nutrition Manager.

Our web menus and mobile menu app provide real-time updates on things such as menu changes, allergen information and nutritionals. You can click the menu in question and under the nutrition report card function, you will see the carb count feature.